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To err is human; to forgive, canine.

- Doogie MacArfer

 Love is a four-legged word.

- Arf W. Woolwoof


Titles and awards earned by

Papps' trainers and students:

          Companion Dog, Companion Dog eXcellent, Utility Dog, Utility Dog

          eXcellent, Obedience Master, Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH).

          Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Advanced Excellent.

          Agility Dog, Master Standard Preferred agility title.

          American Kennel Club (AKC) Champion and Grand Champion.

          United Kennel Club  (UKC) Champion and Grand Champion.

Susan has been training dogs since 1985, and has brought dogs to advanced degrees including American and Canadian Utility Dog. Her first dog Becca was in the top 20 Labs in the U.S. for scores and placements when she got her UD degree. When Caleb was just over two years old he was ranked eighth in the U.S. among Labs using the Delaney Novice Ratings when he got his CD. Caleb left us suddenly at just over ten years old.  He had his UDX4, OM5, and 91 points toward his OTCH with all of his first places.  Caleb, Micah and Susan's Lab Toby all qualified for the Front and Finish Excellence Obedience Gold award for getting their CD degrees in their first three shows with competition scores of 190 or better out of 200.  In the 2011 rankings, Caleb was ranked the number nine Labrador in the nation in the First and Foremost ratings.  He was also ranked 23rd of the top 100 dogs for receiving High in Trials.  Micah completed his CDX in early December 2011 with scores all in the 190's.  In early February 2012, he completed his Utility Dog title.  In less than nine and a half months, Micah earned his CD, CDX and UD qualifying him for the Front and Finish Excellence Platinum award.  Micah and Susan compete in agility where Micah has his Master Standard Preferred agility titleā€”one of the most advanced.  Malachi joined the "pack" in November of 2013, and is already training in Obedience, Rally, field work, and Conformation with multiple titles in Obedience, Rally, and Conformation. Susan is also co-owner of Jackson, a Border Collie, and has earned his Rally Novice, Beginner Novice and Companion Dog titles.

About Susan

Papps Instructors

Papp's Dog Services has always had a staff of volunteer trainers who have trained at PDS before, and know the importance of giving dog owners the tools they need to both understand and change  their pet's behavior. Not every tool works for every dog or breed of dog.

Every Papp's instructor has titled at least one dog in competition. Susan, Lois, and Angie are certified by NADOI. Angie and Susan have Agility titles in Novice, Open, Excellent and Masters levels. For more information click here: